· By Shauna Caletka

Small Business On A Mission

For those of you that have come to know and love Kadan Swimwear know that we are a brand dedicated to quality and excellence; creating beautiful, flattering AF bikini pieces designed to make every babe feel beautiful and confident!

But, did you also know that we are dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place? Not just with our bikinis, but also with our business practices. Part of our mission is providing all you lovelies with a sustainable, eco-friendly brand while also boosting the American economy, All of our pieces are handmade right here in the USA #forgirlsbygirls! All of our materials are sourced from USA based companies that provide ethical and eco-friendly products. We make sure the materials we use have been ethically sourced, have been produced from recycled materials, use minimal water/energy practices for dyeing, etc.... We also limit the number of pieces we produce with each release to not only avoid waste and over production, but to also ensure your bikini is truly unique!

Based in the Florida Keys, we at Kadan truly understand the fragility of the ecosystem and the need to preserve and protect our environment. We take pride in knowing that we have a part in protecting this beautiful world and sharing our love of all things beautiful with you!