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Our Story

Unforgettable moments are born on the beach, nestled amongst loved ones. Kadan embodies that tranquility, a feeling of peace and pure happiness. We are fortunate to have carved out a little paradise in South Florida, and we invite you to share it with us. The name Kadan whispers of "where the heart lies," a sentiment woven into each piece of our collection.

Our luxuriously crafted swimwear, designed and manufactured in South Florida, reflects the highest quality. Each unique design embodies the carefree elegance of the Florida Keys, empowering you to feel beautiful and confident.

Kadan Swimwear blossomed just before my daughter's first birthday. The love and wonder I witness daily as she grows fuels my passion for curating the Kadan line. We are a 100% women-owned and operated company, dedicated to creating a sustainable brand that respects the ocean we cherish. Let us share our story and passion with you. And remember: