Our Story

Some of the best days in life are spent lounging on the beach spending time with those who mean the most, and Kadan represents those feeling of peace, tranquility, and happiness. We have been fortunate enough to be able to carve out our own little paradise here in South Florida and want to share that with all of you. Kadan means where the heart lies, and that is something that you will find with each piece in our collection.
Our swimwear, designed and manufactured right here in South Florida, is carefully created to demonstrate the high-end, luxurious quality you have come to know and expect from our brand. Each unique piece reflects the tropical, carefree lifestyle of the Florida Keys, and is designed to make the babe wearing it feel beautiful and confident!
New to the swimwear world, Kadan Swimwear became a part of my life just before my daughter’s 1st birthday. The love and excitement I feel each day watching my daughter grow is the inspiration I use to create the Kadan line. We are a female-owned, luxury swimwear brand made right here in the USA, for girls by girls. We focus on providing ethical and eco-friendly products from start to finish. Each unique piece is handmade and curated to make the wearer feel beautiful and confident because...